Welcome to Everlasting Fairytale accounting service

Welcome to Everlasting Fairytale accounting service

Welcome to Everlasting Fairytale accounting serviceWelcome to Everlasting Fairytale accounting serviceWelcome to Everlasting Fairytale accounting service

  Everlasting Fairytale Inc. is Hootan Dehbonei Company providing Information services working with highly regarded Translator and Interpreter and Software Engineer . 

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Everlasting Fairytale Translators and Interpreters


Everlasting Fairytale Inc. is Hootan Dehbonei Company providing accounting service & translation. It is active in information service industry in addition of visual arts, entertainment industry, media, and contemporary literature. It functions as Translating & Interpreting, Freelancing, Financial Consulting, E-business, Publishing, Marketing, Advertising, and E-commerce Company. The web sites of the company are an actual application for a creative and modern web development and design.


Our CEO & Founder


Hootan Dehbonei is CEO of Everlasting Fairytale with a strong social skills and IT based experience. Using his skills, he has been a successful management consultant. Using his experience and potential he founded his company Everlasting Fairytale Inc. in 2008.

 You could expect a modern design from his company using technology innovative interesting context and his knowledge. You could expect a good and reliable analytic web system using google analytic. This initiative helps you to track all of your investment and returns in the entire life of his company documented. As a result of clarity and lawful and proper documentation you would achieve high credential from market due to appropriate use of opportunities, potential and knowledge.

 He is a qualified author and translator in German and English, accredited by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd as a paraprofessional interpreter ( NAATI ) between the English and Persian languages (both language directions), Associate Charter Financial Accountant ( CFA ), Associate Certified Accountants ( CPA ), Microsoft Partner ( MPN )and Microsoft Certified Professionals ( MCP ). These qualifications and knowledge support directly his success in investment and adding value to your company.

 As you could perceive you could expect a multi functions person to be able active in the Translation, accounting service Development of Marketing Strategy for Sale and Purchase, R&D, Web Development and Design and Work in a Team of Translator and Interpreter , Software Engineer, Accountant and Marketers and Advertisers with diverse background. Hence You could expect to run a proper business with the least expenses and residual values and the highest return.

Things I love

I love to dance, write, read, jug, and listen to the music.


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